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Self-employed Solutions for Credit and Financing in New Westminster

While many Canadians take advantage of self-employment opportunities, those who are self-employed sometimes face roadblocks when they are in the market to obtain personal financing, such as a mortgage or vehicle loan. Proving self-employment income and income stability for the years to come can be difficult for new business owners. 


Consultant? Contractor? Small business owner? We work with all kinds of entrepreneurs looking to get approved for financing. Learn what rates are available and what you can afford:

  • Get a customized mortgage solution to ensure your self-employed application gets approved

  • Benefit from our network and range of lenders; banks, credit unions, and alternative and private lenders

  • We understand as we are entrepreneurs too. No matter the business structure, we work with you to get approved

  • If you have poor credit, let us help connect you with the best mortgage options, regardless of income, credit or home buying stage

Mortgages by Dennis Eng provides self-employed solutions to help self-employed clients obtain mortgages and financing in Surrey, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Richmond. Contact us for solutions today.

Problems Self-employed Professionals Face

Many Canadians have successful small business ventures and would not trade the lifestyle for anything in the world. However, many begin to question their lifestyle and business choices when they first attempt to obtain financing for their home or even something as simple as a new credit card or vehicle. The nature of self-employment income can sometimes leave the self-employed looking like poor credit risks, even though they may actually have a more stable source of income than those who are working 9 to 5 for an employer.

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Solutions Available

Thankfully, Canadian mortgage lenders are starting to understand the importance of self-employment in our culture and are making great mortgage programs available to the self-employed to finance their primary residence and even their vacation homes.


Licensed mortgage professionals are experts at assisting self-employed individuals with getting a mortgage, and they will ensure you get the best mortgage available through one of Canada’s largest lenders.


Obtaining a mortgage if you’re self-employed has never been easier, and you will be excited to learn that the mortgage products available today are structured to help you succeed in your business and your personal life.

Facing Difficulty Obtaining Financing?

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